Pegamentos Vol. 2

by Discos Pegaos

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Exactly one year ago, Discos Pegaos edited its first compilation “Pegamentos”, five tracks with a vanishing point that wasn’t other than the dance floor. Today, one year later, it is offered to us not only a second compilation, but a handful of lilting compositions, also a sound experience in vinyl by the hand of the most iconic names of the house.

“Pegamentos Volumen 2” is strategically organized in two sides: the first based on dancing and the most classic structure of 4×4; the second dialogues with sampling and bass and music of a more urban cut.

Fantasna does the kickoff with “D-Rain”, latin house, broken percussions, and sinthesizers with the acidity needed to become surely in a future classic. Rammsy confirms with “Crowded” what was stated in “The Light” EP, an epic disco piece coming from some galactic party. At the end of the first side of the compilation we find Motivado, prolific and fundamental producer of the house, he delivers four minutes of latin elegance in “Montecarlo”, track that ratifies why he keeps being one of the chilean electronic musicians with an unerring live show.

The second side of the compilation begins with Vaskular, who continues his rhythmic and accelerated proposal with “Jaime de Africa”, shown before in “Black Jesus”, presenting a breakbeat in company of samples and reminiscent voices of some hypnotic ritual from mother earth commanded by no less than godfather of soul. “Mercenario” shows Dementira worried about the architecture of the precise beat as also the execution of exciting synth lines, under a latin comprehension of rhythm. As a necessary conclusion “Amor” appears, from the neverending Alpha Stronggah’s creative source, the track reminds us the more urban roots of electronic music, its miscegenation with pop culture through indiscriminate sampling and the syncopated cadence that reminds us that everything we do is but a labour of love.


released October 21, 2014

Producido y mezclado por sus respectivos autores.
Masterizado por Francisco Holzmann en Clio.
Diseño por



all rights reserved


Discos Pegaos Santiago, Chile

Discos Pegaos is a record company/netlabel related to beats production.

Focused specifically on short formats (EP and singles), our label wants to give some space to hip hop and sampling oriented beats, including dancefloor tracks with a local and personal approach.

Based on Santiago, Chile, Discos Pegaos was born on January, 2011
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